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Making Money And Breaking Records In The Sticker Business

Karsten Strauss To crack that market, Fischer decided he had to get serious. In 2006 he pivoted his online store into a custom printing company to offer decals for various firms as well as labels for products. The change in tactics was tricky, says Fischer, because printing equipment can be expensive. So, he eased into it, linking suppliers that accepted outside orders. “I partnered up with wholesale printers that drop-shipped,” he says. “I built a sales staff and I built a customer service and art team and got all of these customers and all of this revenue. We built our revenue up to just over $3 million in printing when I bought printing equipment.” Today over half of StickerGiant’s revenue comes from product labeling, promotional stickers comprise the other half. Fischer attributes much of his growth success and his employees’ happiness to his decision, three years ago, to embrace an open-book finance model—essentially allowing all those who work within the company to access StickerGiant’s inner workings. “I went to art school,” says Fischer. “I was a photography and sculpture major—I didn’t know how to run a business so I was learning as I went.” As the business grew, he found that open-book finance could allow employees to feel a greater sense of ownership of the company, become more engaged and ultimately, as Fischer puts it, allows for a wider “distribution of stress.” He swears it makes the operation run more efficiently.

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